Oh la la; zees french sez to recycle…avec le cycle (Vespas, specifically).


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“Everything popular is wrong.” – Oscar Wilde

How refreshing it is to see some of your best local bands at a decent venue.  We were at the Tin Can Alehouse last night where i had 3 Horses3 horsesand some french fries (or as the Queen would say, “chips”) tin can queenIt was a benefit night with the bill consisting of little deadman (i think that’s what they’re called – i’ll have to double-check), writer, tape deck mountain, black mamba, and more.  It’s wonderful to see such a community of local musicians; especially so,  in an age where the dreaded auto-tone (BLECK!) can be heard on +80% of music heard on the radio!  Yes Oscar, “everything popular is wrong” but in San Diego there’s a little bit of something sounding right.

sundayreadingI just finished breakfast at my favorite pancake house:  A German pancake, cafe moto coffee, and a $485 video late fee that’s distracting me from my morning read of The Intuitionist.  It’s a popular joint despite being in an otherwise very Asian business district of San Diego.  There’s always a line outside on the weekends and there’s always cars double-parked waiting for a space.  Playing with my camera’s f-stop in the sun during my wait to be seated, it hit me, why the hell are people not riding their bikes to breakfast?  San Diego has great biking weather throughout the year, eh?

Check out Paris’ bike-rental system, Velib’.  Just $44 gets you an annual pass: that’s a 30-minute ride/day (+1 euro for first additional half-hour journey, +2 euros for second half-hour journey, +4 euros for every half-hour jorney afterwards).

Maybe if we had this system in San Diego, Jessica Alba would come visit more.

“A dirty brush is a useless brush.” – Harvey Denton


p.s. If you don’t know who Harvey Denton is, then just be happy with it.  Don’t even try to youtube him

Don’t bother; you’ll either regret it or think I’m a creep or both.

The Facts: I was a fan of the Lakers during the “Magic” years of the 80s, a Jazz fan during “Stockton” years of the early 90s, a Pacers fan during the “Miller” years of the late 90s, and a Suns fan during the “Nash” years of the early millenium.  Kobe Bryant has been playing Pro since 1996.  I was a Kobe-hater for a long, long, long time.  It took awhile to even respect him.  But now, I can say he’s my hero.  That’s crazy talk, I know.  If you have any doubts, like I did for years, I would highly recommend Spike Lee’s bio-doc, Kobe Doin’ Work.

Many people hated Bruce Lee during his time. 

Many hated Muhammad Ali during his time. 

[DAY 1]

This is a test post. To begin, this blogging venture has been a long-time coming. I was recently asked at work to help test a company-specific community site and one of tasks asked of me was to blog daily just to see how formatting was affected and how such communications traveled through the site to users of different security settings. It was an easy task with no pressure from an audience of two: the administrator/developer of the site and a peer. Long story short, I got use the idea of blogging very quickly. Alas, my testing-term on the company site is coming to a close as more co-workers (and directors) are joining the community for a soft release; my free-range blogging is no longer appropriate for the virtual workspace. I may receive word as soon as tomorrow to change blog viewability settings.

Enter “inklings and twinklings of an amateur know-it-all.” More to come of what this blog is about (or what – who knows? – it will turn into). In the meantime, this is me –teaandtoast

Time to pick-up Florence!

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