Mike’s TLR

Mike's TLR by gumisforlovers
Mike’s TLR, a photo by gumisforlovers on Flickr.

Kodak TMAX 400 shot on Contax T3.

What an honor to have a friend’s camera. It’s a very fine specimen of a MAT. Much prettier than my LM. And the meter works too! I have a roll of Portra 160 in it right now. Thanks Mike!

June 2013
San Diego, CA

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Oops by gumisforlovers
Oops, a photo by gumisforlovers on Flickr.

Often times I wonder why I bother to shoot film. More frequently than that, I wonder why I bother with instant film.

Then I realize, “because EVERYTHING looks better on film!” Happy accidents can’t be photoshopped!

MVR 2011 #14 by gumisforlovers
MVR 2011 #14, a photo by gumisforlovers on Flickr.

Choke on some two-stroke smoke: check-out more pictures on my flickr site.

Via Flickr:
Mamiya Sekor C 80mm mounted on D5000.

January 29, 2011 @ the Riviera.

Rarely do I get to take a picture as to how I envision it before hitting the shutter. Once in awhile.

It’s also strange how some writer’s and their work I can’t completely comprehend but still seem to be strongly impacted by.  I’m talking about you, Rainer Maria Rilke!

First in a series you’ll find on my flickr.

If math = fun, then fun = math.

YES, yes, i know it’s been awhile since my last post. I’ve been caught-up with photography and flickr. so here’s an attempt to get these guys up together.

here’s a pic from 2005 that i’ve manipulated for fun. fun.